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Some window treatment options include:


The use of basic panels has swept the window treatment industry over the past several years. Straightforward and unpretentious, panels are fashionable and versatile and can be adapted for nearly any window condition.

Swags and jabots:

Swags and jabots as well as other ultra-formal valances have been somewhat absent of late. The very essence of swags and jabots are opulence, abundance, and luxury. The dwindled use of these valances as window treatments may be a by-product of the economic environment. Not because they cannot be afforded, but because of the images and feelings they evoke. They are the antithesis of "back to basics" and understatement. However, if you have a space that beckons for grandeur, they should not be overlooked, regardless of trends. Swags, jabots, kings valances and French pick-ups will always be considered classic and timeless window treatments.


Goblet pleats are particularly captivating when executed with opalescent taffeta silk, and even more exquisite when embellished with decorative cording and buttons at the base of each goblet. Smock top panels are very underused in recent years. We find if you combine an interesting modern sheer fabric with a smock top heading, it creates a dreamy, sort of glamorous feeling, especially when creating a romantically indulgent master bedroom.

Roman shades:

In recent years roman shades have exploded in popularity. Given their versatility there is little reason to question why. Depending on the selection of fabric they are equally at home in a child's bedroom as well as an elegantly adorned dining room. Through the use of trim, coordinating valances or drapes, they are effortlessly dressed up or down to suit the aesthetic needs of practically any room in the house.


A popular trend in recent years that we are very much in favor of is to simply adorn a window with sheer drapes. It is most effective on large expanses to give a completely finished feeling to the window without making it feel too dressed. A high-end burnout sheer can be strikingly elegant, while an organic linen casement can create a breezy, relaxed ambience.


The decision to employ valances can be based on a combination of motives. You may need to create height or add drama to a large space. Possibly you need to conceal functional hardware or even architectural flaws. In addition, they are designed to add layers, fullness and details to window treatments in traditional settings.


Cornices are upholstered boxes used as valances. They are simple, classic and easily adapted for a multitude of styles. Cornices can be tufted for a retro feel, they can be shirred for a softer effect, and they can be shaped to contour to arch window frames or to replicate a detail in the room, such as a camelback sofa. With the use of trims, banding and buttons their versatility is endless. They are as comfortable in dens, as kitchens as in more formal areas. Lambrequins are cornices with legs. The box is built to surround the window on the sides and then upholstered. Lambrequins are rarely used now.